Non-Executive Team
Dr K Soodan

Dr Soodan is a veteran in the Oil Industry. He began his career in 1962 and joined the Palaeontology Laboratory Oil and Natural Gas Commission (now Corporation), subsequently he headed the Geological Research Laboratories of KDMIPE, ONGC, India.

During his tenure Dr Soodan Earned Ph.D. on the basis of research on Fossil Holothurin Sclerites and became one of the few specialists in the world on this group of fossils.

Dr Soodan has published a large number of research papers in International journals.
Mr S.Y.Lee

Mr S.Y. Lee brings with him over 30+ years experience in industry, Mr.Lee Soo Young held the position of Chairman, HAN JIN P&C. While at HAN JIN P&C Mr. Lee was also CEO and President of the SJ GLOBAL operations, Oil Business Industry.

During his HAN JIN P&C and SJ GLOBAL tenure, the company acquired assets in Columbia, Zambia and Uzbekistan.
Mr W. Min

Mr W. Min has been in the commodities business for over a decade. Mr. Min served as Executive Director – Energy Division for HANJIN P&C., Korea. During his tenure the company acquired assets in Latin America and Far East.
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