Welcome to Hanjin Oil ANd Gas Investment

The company was established with the intention to offer our clients a clear and transparent solution to minimise the gap created by the global imbalances in supply and demand of Energy / petroleum products.

Hanjin Oil and Gas Investment is guided by a board comprising of some of the veterans in the industry and managed by a team who have an accumulative experience of around 50 years in the industry. All transactions are conducted under strict guidelines and corporate policy. Compliance forms an integral part of all transactions and is undertaken at every stage to ensure transparency to our stakeholders and partners.

We conduct trades for all petroleum products via our own in-house trading desk. Our trading model is simple and transparent allowing our clients to maintain visibility and transparency throughout the process.

Commodities Trading

Commodity trading forms the core activity of our company. We pride ourselves in offering our clients (upstream and downstream) clear and transparent transactions in the process minimising risk.

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